We’re working on the new Jatun album today. Hopefully we’ll get Clusters mixed so that Scott can record vocals. Happy New Year!

Getting ready to work on the new Jatun album today with Matthew (Pinscape / Exit Signs). We’re still writing and arranging songs but it won’t be too much longer until we start tracking. There’s a lot of talented people involved with this album and I can’t wait to get to work!

The new Jatun full-length

Every Jatun full-length has had a rotating cast of characters, and the new full-length release is going to have quite a cast! To help manage the chaos and be my right hand man through all of this, I’ve enlisted Matthew Flook of Pinscape for this album. It’s absolutely my most ambitious effort to date, and I look forward to working with all of the people involved. There’s already a few demos in the works. Oh!

High Light Pre-Order

You can now pre-order the debut High Light full-length album on Tamarack Music’s Bandcamp page. Snag a copy of the cassette while you can! Until the release, enjoy previewing 3 songs off of the album.


AM - Compilation & EP release!

I decided a little while ago to start a side project for the material that I make solely with a eurorack modular synthesizer. Adaptive Machines is the name of the project. The main goal of AM is to perform and mix LIVE directly to tape without overdubs or post production. Everything is a pure, unadulterated look into the eurorack modular synthesizer, which in my eyes is the most complex and versatile music instrument ever made.

My first released track was on an ambient compilation put together by Michael Morton of Crime League. You can hear the song “The Warming Sea” on the compilation “Midnight Masks” : 


The compilation came out on the 27th of March, 2015. So I am a little late announcing this here. But as of today the 17th of April 2015, I am excited to announce the debut album release by Adaptive Machines, called “The Truth Table”. It’s available on Bandcamp at the moment, but will soon be available on iTunes and Amazon, as well as plans for a future cassette tape release. Without further ado, here is The Truth Table:


Year Of The Goat

I was born on the year of the goat, and it makes me smile that this year is going to see releases from all of my projects; Jatun, Biltmore Dive, Adaptive Machines, High Light and Dunes of Bandon. 

There’s 3 debut releases coming up, and I decided that I would not start up individual websites for these bands, and the same goes for most social media websites (except for FaceBook because it’s easy to manage and track). Instead, I am going to create a website “hub” that hosts information on all of my various projects. This way it is much easier to manage all of my projects and in the end it will give you the chance to always see what I’m up to, in one convenient place. 

The debut High Light album is coming out this April on cassette and will be available digitally on iTunes, Tamarack Music is releasing the album. This material is all improvisational with a heavy focus on moody ambient music that feels directly influenced by sci-fi films from the 60’s to 80st. It’s mostly synthesizer based (we use field recordings occasionally) using analog & digital synths, a eurorack modular synth, and recorded live directly to a DAW with very little overdubs (usually 1-2 tracks of sound effects) and no post production.

The debut release from Adaptive Machines will be an EP, coming out on Crime League. I’ve just about finished the release (actually recording the last song today) and will send it off for mastering very soon. This material is all 100% eurorack modular synth, and recorded live directly to tape with no overdubs or post production.

News about the other upcoming releases will be shared soon.

Adaptive Machines

I decided to create a new project for all of the material that I record solely on the modular synth. It’s called ‘Adaptive Machines.' 

I just uploaded damn near 3 hours of ambient tracks on Soundcloud for you to check out! Get it: https://soundcloud.com/adaptivemachines

Here’s the FB page for AM : https://www.facebook.com/adaptivemachines

Wave Effect EP - next week!

Wave Effect EP will be released on December 16th, 2014 via Bandcamp.

After some nasty file recovery drama and a broken laptop, this EP can finally be released into the public! It’s been a long time coming. I really meant to get this out forever ago but I just kept having computer issues over and over again. Mainly because my old Macbook Pro was giving up the ghost. 

Biltmore Dive returns!

I’ve been struggling with the decision on whether to release ambient material under Jatun or not these last couple of years. Now I’ve made the decision and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve recorded 8 albums to tape over the last couple of months and am currently mastering the first album. With a focus on analog modular synthesis, all albums feature nothing but pure ambient improvisational material that has been recorded directly to tape with no post processing. First release is planned for Spring / Summer 2014.

While I will occasionally post major announcements for my side projects on the Jatun website, I am going to keep things mostly in their place. So either follow Biltmore Dive on Facebook or bookmark the Biltmore Dive website for information on the upcoming album release.