Biltmore Dive returns!

I’ve been struggling with the decision on whether to release ambient material under Jatun or not these last couple of years. Now I’ve made the decision and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve recorded 8 albums to tape over the last couple of months and am currently mastering the first album. With a focus on analog modular synthesis, all albums feature nothing but pure ambient improvisational material that has been recorded directly to tape with no post processing. First release is planned for Spring / Summer 2014.

While I will occasionally post major announcements for my side projects on the Jatun website, I am going to keep things mostly in their place. So either follow Biltmore Dive on Facebook or bookmark the Biltmore Dive website for information on the upcoming album release.

You can now preorder the new anklebiter album! I had a blast crafting sounds for this album on the modular, and provided a bit of guitar as well. The preorder includes an immediate digital download of the track “Werewolf of Portland”. The album will be released in a limited CD sleeve with a special free promo photo on February 26th on Crime League Records.

Preorder the album here

Pinscape’s album is finally finished, with the mastering handled by Taylor Deupree. Anklebiter’s album is just about finished, which I contributed to. High Light’s debut album is finished and we’re currently sending it out to labels at the moment.

And now that those albums are all finished and taken care of, I can get back to Jatun. I’ve got a couple cassette releases in the works, s/t & Blanket of Ash out takes, Temporary Expedient II, and a full-length album which is all collaborations. Wave Effect EP got help up due to technical difficulties with one of the tracks, but it’s now good to go. Just need to make sure the master sounds good everywhere. Expect it soon.

A couple years ago my friend Roger Seliner and his friends got together to watch some videos and listen to music & hang out. He played the vinyl copy of Blanket of Ash to a film about NASA’s space shuttle program, called The Dream Is Alive. He called me right after they had finished watching it and was tripping out cause there’s a lot of moments that synch up not only in time, but the mood of the scenes reflect the music. I was intrigued to say the least. I quickly located a DVD and ordered it. I played it right away with the vinyl copy of Blanket of Ash. Sure enough, there’s a lot of really cool moments that match up!

You can now experience this for yourself as the film is on YouTube, so go here or view above and play Blanket of Ash at the same time. I do recommend the vinyl copy if you have it. I tried it with my iPod, it just wasn’t the same. Hard to explain. Let me know what you think!

Matthew of Pinscape just uploaded a clip from my ambient set at Valentines last year. Playing “Debris of The Mosrite” off of my upcoming release, The Scientist And His Lonely Experiments.

September’s Spoils

Tim Gray and I finished mixing the debut album from our ambient project, High Light. The album is a collection of improv sessions that were recorded in my basement over the course of 6 days.

I finished up the production work on Pinscape's debut full-length album for Nueva Forma.

Last but not least, the mastering is finished for my new ambient album, ‘The Scientist and His Lonely Experiments.’ Trying to get the album art finished right now, and seeing about a limited cassette release.

Steve from Synthrotek filmed a part of my modular synth performance at the first cvModulator night at Control Voltage

The patch is centered around the Impulse Drive from Circuit Abbey. Since it’s a triple comparator beast, I’m using it to clock 2 different sequences in a semi-random function. I sent a clock into input 1 and an LFO into input 2, with another LFO at half division running into the injection cv (crossfader for both inputs). Grids 1 & 3 are being modulated by the Chaos Computer from Livewire Electronics. I use exhaust ports 2 & 4 on the Impulse Drive (which are divided outputs) to clock 2 different sequencers. This provides a semi-random clock which randomizes the sequences and in this way you don’t need a random function on the sequencer because the clock will skip ahead to different spots thanks to the comparators. I use outs 1 & 3 on the ID to modulate the frequency knob on 2 filters which provides some nice semi-random movement.

Optic Echo Presents

Will be heading down to The Portland Radio Authority here in a few hours. Go to their website to hear my friend Mike Jedlicka and I play some vinyl on his show, Optic Echo Presents. The show is from 6-8pm PST tonight (July 22nd).


Mike put my section of the show up on Mixcloud! Check it:


A recent collaboration with my old friends port-royal has finally been released! The track’s title is Dämmerung and it’s on a compilation which is a free / pay-what-you-want album that’s available on Bandcamp. I contributed my tracks made from my Polysix, modular synthesizer and some field recordings. I’m extremely happy with the way this turned out. Feels like it should belong in a sci-fi film.

Stream the track here:

And download the album here:

Many thanks to my port-royal for having me on this song!

Doing production work with Pinscape today. About to record some of Andrew’s guitar parts. He’s got some great sounds for these songs.